THE FORGOTTEN ONE (a poem and a reminder)

THE FORGOTTEN ONE  The white sands seem to go on forever, still I walk. It’s not snow but salt, as far as the eye can see. There was a river here once upon a time where you used to lean down to drink, water pearls on your lips.   I remember when you were still a stranger, curiosity and…


INTRODUCING The first issue is free and contains the story THE SOUL-BIRD. It’s a story set in Helsinki about a woman who meets a man not named Edgar, who gives her a special gift. I am offering it on iBooks only over the weekend. On Monday I will make it available on Kindle as well. I…

An Evening Thing

There are about to be changes to what I do with my short stories.. I am starting a zine that will come out every month with a story. It will be reliable and hopefully this will improve the quality of the stories. But this also means less stories. That does not mean I’ll quit writing here, but things will…

About a Book

(I will now mirror my posts on here)  HANNAH GREEN AND HER UNFEASIBLY MUNDANE EXISTENCE Let me interrupt this week of rainy vacation days and tell you about a book. What could be more appropriate?  There are few things in life I love more than a good story involving either the devil or hell. It…

A novelette out now

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A Poem

There is a short poem up on the site. Hope you are happy, E

A Ghost Story

There is a new story up on the new blog. You can find the story here. It’s a short little ghost story. And if you still haven’t subscribed to the new blog and still want to keep reading I recommend you do so. The link is on my front page. Have a nice weekend, E