A Poem

There is a short poem up on the site. Hope you are happy, E

A Ghost Story

There is a new story up on the new blog. You can find the story here. It’s a short little ghost story. And if you still haven’t subscribed to the new blog and still want to keep reading I recommend you do so. The link is on my front page. Have a nice weekend, E


You can now easily access all the books I’ve made into eBooks here. The Most Boring Day of the 20th Century is up there as an eBook there too now.   I hope you enjoy, Eygló

Important Notice

I have been writing here for a long time. Using WordPress seemed like the logical step up from simple blog sites like Livejournal or whatever I was using in the past to ramble on about what life threw at me. Then it transformed into a writing site and last year I paid for a subscription thinking…


I have a story for you. It’s 2600 words and I haven’t been able to conjure up a picture for it yet so I don’t have it as an eBook just yet. I’ll try to get that done later. In the meanwhile here it is. THE MOST BORING DAY OF THE 20TH CENTURY A computer…

Our Fearless Lives: a short story

I wrote this a while ago after having picked up THE HELLBOUND HEART for the umpteenth time. So I’d like to give my thanks and a nod to master Clive Barker and admit wholeheartedly that the labyrinth, and other parts surely, in this story is greatly inspired by him. I’d also like to thank the…

About a Book: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I’ve been meaning to write more about the books I’m reading. I used to do that a lot but then I fell into this pit where it’s been hard to find a book to enjoy. Hard to find time, the dedication or the enthusiasm. Never thought I’d say that. But I do stumble upon interesting…