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THINGS THE DEVIL WOULDN’T DREAM OF and other stories is finally in eStores! Grab your copy as an iBook or from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or search for it in other amazon stores. 

In these weird tales, a married woman has an affair purely of the mind; a drunk finds real love but at what cost?; a privileged girl journeys to the end of the world to find a cure for her father; a businessman falls in love with a mysterious woman; a monstrous creation lurks outside a writer’s window; a portal appears on a desolate earth, creating hope; a mourning woman finds out what really happened to her husband. These are stories of love, relationships, hope and of the fantastic. Portraits of women on the edge, stories where reality meets the bizarre and the apocalyptic. Some of the stories in this book have seen the light of day before, others are unpublished.

Are you curious to know what the devil wouldn’t dream of?

Woven in between the stories are some of my photographs that tell stories of their own. And therefore I’d recommend the reader to view it on a color device, but one thing I can promise is that these stories are just as good in black & white.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates
– and have a great day whoever you are!



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  1. avadakipdavra says:

    I shall add it to my iBooks! (I already had “All The Dark Places” on my kindle reader!)

    You are quite the prolific author! Cannot wait to see your photos as well in this new work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eygló Daða says:

      Thank you Kip! You’re very kind! xx


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