Silent Song and a Contribution Request

Silent Song
Music by Kip Jankowski
Words and Visuals by Eygló


There is nothing I love more than finding new ways to be creative. When it clicks and something inside you just wants to keep doing just that, that’s a good feeling. And it doesn’t REALLY matter if it looks great or speaks to anyone else, not REALLY though that is always big bonus.

What I realised while making this is that putting words to other people’s “things” is something I really enjoy doing. I’ve written a lot of short stories now while basically looking at someone’s  photograph. I guess this is taking it one step further.

I asked a friend of mine to contribute with music and got this wonderful song to work with. His music became the central piece in the conception of this and I found that this collaboration leads to a wonderful thing.

So I’d like to throw this out there – Do you want to contribute to one of these in some way? You can. It  can be music, text or a short video.  I’d be ever so interested in seeing what more can come out of such a collaboration. So don’t hesitate to contact me. You can do so in the comments below, on twitter or on Facebook.

I made a YouTube channel for these. I have no idea how I will proceed with all this but at least now they have a place and if the feeling hits me again I’ll share it there. I’ve called the channel Moving Poetry – that doesn’t mean it has to be moving just that it moves – eh…

I still have a lot to learn regarding making videos, baby steps, you know? And this is all in good fun, an interesting experiment as I see it. Please join me on this ride.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Such a wonderful skill you possess…to be able to create, compose, direct & edit…hybridization…so beautiful!


    1. Eygló Daða says:

      You’re too kind Kip! Thank you!


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