January Words (a poem)

January is a heavy month,
full of old thoughts
and mindful winter darkness.
Quiet hope sets in
with new ideas
but gets lost on its way to your consciousness
and dies a sad death underneath a grey mattered sky.

You whistle a new tune,
(not the one from last year)
but soon realise that you don’t know all the tones
and the melody sounds all wrong
so you want to revert back to the old song.
It was so comfortable and strong,
and you know it so well.
Silly thoughts of renewal,
everything around you changes anyway
Why provoke the beast that is the world?
Why poke the sleeping bear?

January is a heavy month.
New and old at the same time,
Oldnew because the new isn’t always delightful
and the old wasn’t that bad,
and it’s all the same anyway.

Or perhaps that’s just age talking?
Shush! It’s called wisdom for a reason, you know?

January is a heavy month.
Stomach full of candy canes, promises
and stubborn hope
Hope that won’t leave your bones,
even in the January chill.

Let’s think of warm weather, blue oceans and everything yellow,
Let’s dance with the children and fly to the moon,
Let’s sing as not to let the January-scream out
Let’s sing all the happy songs
The old ones and the new.
Let’s remember that which has passed,
And those who have passed.
Let’s find comfort in imaginary friends
as well as the real ones.

Let’s find holes in the fabric
And argue with our dreams
about the color blue.



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