Meaning of life things, and other questions…

“I hear the secrets that you keep,
when you’re talking in your sleep” 
The Romantics, Talking in Your Sleep

Do you think there is meaning to our inner selves? A meaning to the things we wish for? Even that thing that is sometimes in blatant opposite of what we should be wishing for? Do you believe your dreams, the ones you dream at night, are windows to your soul? Are your vivid dreams trying to tell you witch way to go? Are they trying to tell you what to do? Are they warning you about things to come? Or just your subconscious warning you about things that might be? Is the idea of “fate” just our own mind playing tricks on us? Our own inner demons trying to tell you that you are where you’re supposed to be so sit with it, you might as well like it, because it’s what you get…? Is there such a thing as an inner demon? Something inside yourself that doesn’t wish you/itself well?

Is your secret inner life meant to tell you something? The things you don’t tell anyone about? Is it the secret that drives it? Something you share with the quiet universe alone? Is it the secret that drives the thoughts or is it something else? Is it telling you that there is more? That you want more? That you can do more? Is it telling you to reach out and talk about these “secrets” that are often so harmless? – At least when you’re not a sociopath or a serial killer.

What would become of us if society didn’t tell us how to sit and stand? Would our society dissolve into a bloody orgy? A form of darwinism where only the biggest and beardiest survive with the blondest and breastiest? Or would we be civil none the less? Would we love our “neighbours”? Maybe a little too much? Is the darkness we experience meant to light up the sunshine (so to speak)? Show it to us? Or is it here mainly to plague us?

Is the meaning of life staring us in the face? Are we here solely to notice all the things that are, to observe and bear witness to all things as James Hollis writes in his book? Or is there magic in being that we are unaware of, even though religion and science both claim that there is? Are we just ignorant bastards not to believe? Not to believe that the truth is out there actually staring us in the face? Are we all just Skully to some universal Mulder?

Do we do things to seek meaning in other people? Do we work solely to impress? What other than pure attention seekers would create something like the Internet? Or at least the social landscape of it? What do we get from that attention? Do we ever find that person that “gets us” completely? Or is that a modern fairytale created by desperately lonely creatures? Or are those “soulmates” everywhere around us? We just refuse to see it because, for some reason, we like the loneliness and being misunderstood? Or is it because we like the little group we gather around us? We like to think that it’s special and unique and that there has never been anything like it?

(And why am I procrastinating when I should be working?) Are there answers to all questions? Is there a point in any of it? Or are we just a cubist blobs on a universal impressionistic canvas, meant to misunderstand and misrepresent everything? – For as long as we are able?

Why do the questions pile up with age? Is that what we use our brain capacity for? Creating more questions in a universe that’s already filled with them? Or are we all just repeating the questions of the past because we’re unable to disregard time, unable to make it the x to our y’s and see it all at once?

Is there a meaning in madness? Is the mind of the mad meant to teach us something about them? About us? Or is madness just a mechanism for the souls that can’t handle the fact that we live in a universe filled with untouchable darkness with only a few sunspots to light our way? Does it matter that we happen to live right next to one of those suns? Are we still filled with that darkness beyond our solar system? The darkness between the words? The darkness between people?

Are there questions more important? Like: What’s for dinner tonight? Are YOU happy? What’s on television? ARE you happy? Is there chocolate? Are you HAPPY?
What makes you happy? 

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