Cup Half Full: A Thought


In this day and age it’s hard to find a stable ground. Between wrist watches bossing you around, kids demanding you jump through their hoops, politicians blowing smoke up your arse and social media sending you messages so mixed you don’t know what’s up or down in the world – how are you supposed to get a grasp of anything? What’s real and what isn’t?

Are the Americans really considering giving all that power to the man with the funny wig? That seems like a GIANT leap backwards from the last (awesome) choice they made. And is the European Union going to crumble under the recent immigrant crisis? Speaking of the tip of the iceberg…

It sometimes seems that we’re all so scared that we’re soon going to go back to the middle ages and start throwing witches in pits to see if they’ll drown! *ehem*

I must be getting old, but it seems to me that since the airplanes hit the great towers we’ve all been going backwards in some ways. The enemy has turned invisible and we’re all so scared that even the most ridiculous things suddenly seem like a good idea. What’s worse is that we forget that the “enemy” we had before that wasn’t so invisible was just as scary.

I’ve never been a fan of politics. To be truthful the topic usually bores me to death. I’ve always been prone to shy away from the above questions. I have an opinion but I don’t stick my head out to weather it. After spending some time in history class I figured that most things that will come to terms because of modern stupidity will eventually blow over. The world is surely always becoming a better place, step by step. Or am I wrong?

I must be getting old, because now I’m not so sure. Maybe history IS bound to repeat itself? Maybe the world becomes worse (there’s a saying in Icelandic you hear from time to time which says exactly this “The world becomes a worse place…”) I always thought that was just a silly figure of speech but I’m really not so sure anymore.

But lets take a step back, think this over – I just had a conversation with four people at the same time, one situated in France, one in the States, one in the UK and I happen to live in Sweden. Scientists have discovered that gravitational waves exist and we (once more) can be happy that Einstein was right. I have a wrist watch that tells me that I’m not being healthy enough, that I should move more. I have a telephone that not only takes photographs, but lets me manipulate them beyond my wildest imagination. I have music in my ears when I go out running and then there is “lime intense” dark chocolate and who can argue with that? Surely the glass IS half full – at least.

It’s so easy to be negative and see the ghosts of the past as something unthreatening and nice compared to the atrocities we face today. When I think of this, that little snippet from the delightful TV show FAME (You know the one – “I’m gonna live forever…”). They are sitting in the class room and the character played by Janet Jackson describes how she often feared that she would one day be looking out the window and that she would see the feared mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion far away. And I remember the fear and recognition that followed that statement of hers. I lived in Iceland at the time, we were strategically important.

The fears of the past turn to mush and as the danger becomes less real, becomes limp and impotent, we forget that it was once very real and very scary.

It’s like that in our personal lives as well, isn’t it? We see the ghosts of the past as something like Casper the friendly ghost, while the ghosts we face today always seem to resemble Freddie Kruger a lot more. (Yes, I need to freshen up on my likenesses but I’ve become somewhat numb to fearful things on TV (except when it comes to the news and I hesitate to compare this to the frightening things we have on the news)).

I remember when I was little and the comet Haley was supposed to visit. It terrified me. I was witless for a long while thinking it would hit the earth and we’d all… well you know. But you know what…? It didn’t. The ghosts that have plagued us since? The earth hasn’t gone under still… so lets focus on taking care of the people whose lives really NEED saving. Lets focus on helping people who are REALLY hurting NOW and whose ghosts REALLY are scarier than Kruger, and lets stop thinking that our glass is half empty. Lets stop being afraid for ourselves all the time.

Our glass isn’t half empty.
It’s not. It’s almost full! Just check. I’ll wait. OH and if it isn’t half full, then put some more water in it. It’s good for you.

So don’t choose who to vote for because you’re afraid of what the future might look like. Instead try to chose the one that will actually build something, instead of just defending you from that ghost you’re so afraid of might be out there. Try to be positive, – you won’t always succeed – I sure don’t,  but see that glass half full and fill it whenever you can. It makes the future better, not just your future but also your children’s future and the future of your friends – and maybe it will even better the future of those who are in dire need NOW.

It’s just a thought. And I’m obviously trying to convince myself of this as much as you – but I think it’s a good thought, one to keep in mind. One to cherish maybe.


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