Hush (A Theme)


The road is made of obsidian
The tremors never subside,
Shake the earth and rattle the brain.

Walking ahead,
Facing the fog,
And the hollow noise of the future.
Can you hear the past whispering?
Subtle sound,
Echoes through the mountains in the distance.
Ghastly white shapes in the mist,
Soundless, shapeless, motionless,



Anguish deeper than the sea,
Keeps you up at night,
Strange bright creatures,
Howling at the moon,
And you see them,
But they’re blind,
Fighting for survival.

I am the invisible monster
Underneath your bed,
Crawling inside your soul,
Clawing at you from the inside
Fighting you for control
Threatening to burst out
Leaving you hollow…
And afraid…


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