So I’ve gone and done something I haven’t done before. It’s not every day you can say that, is it?

I wrote a NOVELLA last spring. A short tale about the dark life of a girl in a forest. It was too short to fall into my “potential novel” pile, but too large for the “publish on the blog and forget about it” pile. So I started thinking that maybe I should research the other side of the writing process. Maybe I should publish it? See what that’s like. And so I started.

Since I made that decision I’ve had a lot of help. I’ve had people read the story over for me to see if it’s at least *something*. I’ve read it myself more times than I’d like to admit and made changes, changed back and made changes again. Very kind people checked it for spelling and grammar (two saints!). That doesn’t mean it’s completely free of those little imps, but I’ve done my best. I got reactions on the story itself too, from people brave enough to give criticism and I was thankful for it. I added subtle changes where I thought it was needed and rudely ignored other remarks. I hope you forgive me for that.

I got expert help on the cover from none other than Michael Marshall Smith who designed it for me, so now this little project of mine does look like a real book. He is a generous guy who doesn’t seem to mind sharing some of his knowledge and I’m very thankful for that.

The hard work, though, came when writing a description of the novella. Published writers surely have people who are experts and do this for them? They speak of killing your darlings in the business of writing and this certainly felt like one of those moments, having other people do that for you may be scary but it must be a lot easier than having to do it yourself…
(I won’t even talk about choosing categories!)

I checked out online publishers and went for Amazon. Mainly because of two things. I use it myself a lot and it felt easy (call me lazy). Maybe next time I will research that part a lot better before I take the plunge and push that “PUBLISH” button. As scary moments go that was pretty high up there on the list. And I can admit that I have hit the refresh button a few times, although they say it can take 72 hours for the eBook to be published. It seems impossible and a little silly to go do something else (and yet I’m writing this instead). 

If you are reading this you can find the Novella on Amazon now. It’s a short tale of dark places and I am pretty proud of it.

A big THANK YOU to all who helped me! If nothing else this was a very cool experience.

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