The Color of Spring (Photography)

Spring is here with all its colors, all the shades of green in the book. It’s lovely, except for the allergies and the fact that I don’t know where to point my camera. There are a lot of trees around where I live and I like photographing bare trees, preferably with a bird in it. It’s a nice picture.


Now the leaves hide the birds and I have to do something with all the green.

Every season has its photo opportunities. For me, who focuses mainly on landscape, the season change means new focus. The flowers pop out with all their beauty during spring. The pink cherry trees bloom for a short while and the rapeseed fields too. Strong colors, beautiful flowers and I take the photos but then I don’t have a clue about what to do with them. forgetmenots

Because posting the bare picture would be boring.

So the spring is a transition period. You have to train the eye, again, to take photos that suit the season. Shooting lonely treetops doesn’t do as much in spring as it does in winter, when the trees are bare. Shooting a forest from the distance when the different tones of green reach up towards a clear blue sky, or a cloudy white one, that’s a good spring photo in my books.

And it’s often hard to relocate the focus, to watch the place you walk past every day with new eyes. Sometimes it’s easy with pretty flowers and road trips to new places.


But sometimes you find yourself at a loss. Everything is green and overgrown and the green seems to just melt into itself and turn pictures into images of green blobs.

Of course when it comes to reactions to my images I’m at a loss. I never seem to be able to predict what people will like and what not. It doesn’t really matter as long as I do and I can adjust my view and learn to do something about the green goo. Perhaps it’s time to go black and white for a while? Or fade out all the green colors but let the others stay. Or to readjust the eyes and point the camera at something else entirely.


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