A Photo Journey (Christine’s Heir)

Once in a while I manage to take a really good picture (normally I see my editing as doing something to make an average picture better… and mine). A picture I feel proud of and can’t wait to do something with. Once in a while I do post pictures without edits or filters – without any of the illusions I usually play around with, not often but it happens. And once in a while I hit on an image that I immediately think “this is great, I can’t wait to edit this one”.

Today I was out on a little excursion with my family. I had my phone (the one I usually use to take images with) and my “real” camera – you know the BIG one as it’s affectionately called in my house. We had walked around a lake near a little castle that’s about half an hours drive away from home and we were on our way back when we saw a field of ripe rapeseed. These yellow fields blossom during the spring and I have been saying that I need a really good one of one of these fields before they stop blooming. So he stopped the car and I jumped out and I shot a photo which I rather expected to be so-and-so but as I was shooting my image an old car drove by and made the shot all the better. The image wasn’t at all about the rapeseed field anymore but about this car.

I don’t often post #noedit #nofilter images in my feed mainly because that’s not my “style”. There are endless stunning images of fields, trees, incredible landscapes and adding mine feels inadequate somehow. I do, from time to time, but there needs to be something special about it for me to do that. And this particular image it image was screaming “do something good”.

And of course that’s when you hit a blank. Have you ever taken an image of a rapeseed field and tried to edit it? Let me tell you it isn’t easy. (What am I going to do with all these yellow pictures?)

And this one? This required something extra.

I began by running it through Enlight on my iPhone (the image was taken on the iPhone and not on the camera as that one had the micro lens on). I tested the filters, then the artistic filters and nothing suited it. I went to Classic Vintage on the iPad (my new favourite app) but quickly realised that there was nothing that could do to help me.

So good old Stackables, it never fails (and it didn’t this time either), but at first glance all the filters or my usual tricks didn’t do the trick.

Ok, so something needed to be done here. Pixlr is good, especially if you login and get the extra stuff from it. I tried a few things there, but the image didn’t need the kind of editing I usually do with Pixlr so I abandoned it.

And that’s where I went to make dinner and gave up on my attempts.

When I returned to my project after dinner I was desperate. I started with Photoforge 2. I even layered it on top of itself to make a marginal effect with the colors. I saved the attempt. It wasn’t extremely different from the original but it was a start. Then I went to several apps with this new image. It got a little pick-me-up from Mextures. I tried picFX and several other apps without results before I sent it to one of my favourites, Repix where I used the chalk and the drip effects. It ended it’s journey in Stackables, where it got a full treatment.

Let me tell you that I tried a lot of other things in between. I opened apps I haven’t opened in a long time. I wanted to get the best out of both the rapeseed field behind the car and the car. In the end I chose to focus on the car and let the background color be more a support. So I used some chalk effect there. It doesn’t do the rapeseed justice, but it does make the image pop more if you ask me.

In the end did I do the original image justice? Who knows. At least this one is mine, you know? And of course when I was posting it and was trying to find a title I instantly thought of King’s Christine so I named it “Christine’s Heir”. It’s just one of many images. But I must admit that I’m a bit proud of this one. It was a lucky shot (these shots always are for me) and the edit was great fun to make, especially since it was so hard to find anything good.

You’re welcome to try to do better.


and here is the original image


(I’ve done nothing but blur out the number plate in Aviary)

p.s. finished first draft of a thing I’ve been working on for a while too. Good weekend, may yours be even better!

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