Getting back into Project

How to start again after a the holidays?

We’ve had a long and strange holidays this year. I haven’t done much writing for several reasons. And before the holidays I was working on a side project. So now on my first day back I have two projects to delve back into. I should finish the side project and get it up and running and then focus on my main project. But it’s hard to start. My mind is grumbled, the thoughts I had before the holidays seem distant, far away and somewhat outdated.

Normally people wake up and go to work and slowly what was routine before the holidays slowly becomes a routine again but when you work at your desk at home it requires more than just walking about to start again. You need to refocus, you need not only put one foot infront of the other (it is a good start but eventually you have to sit down) but put one word behind the first.

So where to start? Perhaps just getting the words flowing again is a good start. Whatever will come out comes out and you can take a while to get back into projects. It might serve as a refocus to write something out of context. Something new – a new angle might refocus you – it might refocus the entire project and sadly it can be a project killer too but so can the holidays. Getting a writing break is often devastating.

So what to do on the first day? Write. Just write. Anything at all. A small scribble like this will start you off. Then you can make a character scetch. Read what you wrote before. Get back into it. Write from a new angle. Write from an old angle.

Sadly there is only one way to get back into project…

Actually opening that project and delve in. One foot in front of the other, so to speak…

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