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Anne was kind enough to include me in the Blog Hop Monday project. Thank you Anne! It has been interesting to look at these questions and try to answer them properly. This monster of a novel has grown a lot since the first (very sketchy) draft was made and I see big changes within it further down the line but here are my answers so far. 

When and where is the story set?

The story (which I’ve been calling Monster Inc in my head – for a lack of better term for it so far) is set in the near future in Malmö. Some people suddenly start to change into monsters while others are left apparently unchanged. Each individual changes differently but many become violent and a society starts to break down. A few individuals go through some “changes” to be able to survive and our “survivors” drive down to Europe in search of answers.

What can you say about the main characters?

The novel follows a gang of a few people who set out to seek help or a safe haven from the monstrous changes. The main focus is on Daniel, who was a shy, introvert, computer expert but rises with the challenge. He groups up with Simon, Tina and a few others who have all lost someone to the changes. Daniel finds himself (surprisingly) falling in love with Simon. The characters all have in common that they need to find new ways to survive in the world when the old ways aren’t good enough anymore. 

What is the main conflict?

The main conflict revolves around surviving in a new and a hostile world. The characters have to face the fact that their lives will never be the same, that their loved ones are lost to them and that they need to find a way to survive. Some want to search for answers and therefore go towards the “infestation” while others are more inclined of becoming hermits in the woods. This creates tension within the group too. Conflict also rises when the characters learn that sometimes situations turns people into a “monster”


My co-hoppers are Leonie M. Smith (read her answers here) and Kip Jankowski
Thank you Anne, this was a very nice exercise. 

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  1. abitstormyout says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 Your novel sounds intriguing and I look forward to reading it! – Leonie


  2. I wish I could write something of a longer duration as you two ladies are in the process of! My imagination only functions in short bursts…short stories…poems…songs…(I’ll also be waiting to purchase a signed, deluxe edition of your novel as soon as available! Paypal-ready!


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