Writing with Fonts

I have a new favorit font to write in.

I’ve read a bit about what fonts writers like and articles on why they like certain fonts and why not. I myself am “raised” with a typewriter but I am not a courier fan. I have on the other hand always liked Verdana. Through the years it’s been the font that I always come back to. I may stray from it from time to time but I always come back to it.

These days I’m straying though. I like a font called Avenir. It’s a font I discovered after switching from my old PC to my MAC. I like straight, readable fonts although I get a funny nostalgia when I see certain more typewriter like fonts, like shown here. When I’m writing short stories, flash fiction and poetry I do stray from the regular notion though. Sometimes a new font can give me inspiration. I remember writing a longer science-fiction story in a font I’d never used before and in italics too.

So each story CAN claim a new font that I haven’t used before. It may seem like a thing that’s insignificant but I’ve never ever been able to write anything of the remote interest in Times New Roman. There are other font’s I dislike some of which I’ve used for some purpose (like Comic Sans).

Today though Avenir suits my purpose.

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