Revisiting an old Friend

I have been revising, editing and looking back at my writing in the past few weeks. It is an educational thing to do and as it turns out (obviously) the novel needs some work. 

The question is only how much work to do on it. Is it worth the time to delve back into it and re think it (I have some great, exciting ideas for it) or do I just start a new project with the ideas and with the old novel in the background.

I actually think plan b is a bad one. I think this might be a part of the editing process and that I just need to push through it. Surely a great deal of (at least the last few chapters) needs to be re-written but to throw the text away to make another first (second, third and forth) draft would be a big mistake I think. 

At least this process is teaching me a great deal. It’s also nice to visit old “friends” although I think I really need to spice up some of the characters. 

But how do I know if I’m going overboard with it? How do I keep the good ideas, dish the bad ideas and not add anything inane (or insane)? It’s a juggle act and I will need advice, so if you have any to offer I’m all ears…

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  1. Perhaps you need to just write several different drafts (if time allows?) and then choose whichever feels right to you after you can step back and review them all one after the other…(never throw any text out, can always use it in the future in a different manner with different situations & characters…) hope you are able to progress with it all!


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