Throwing texts away

Once upon a time… I imagine… when writer’s wrote either with a pen or on a typewriter they actually threw away a lot of what they wrote. Surely you have seen the scene in a movie – they put a paper in the typewriter, they write a few sentences and then they draw the paper out with gusto, make a small paper ball out of the thing and practice their basket shooting skill by throwing the paper in the trashcan.

Do writers do this today? Surely most writers use a computer today (I’d love to use a typewriter but it’s such a hassle and I don’t believe they even make them anymore!). Do writers make a symbolic gesture, symbolically (somehow) making digital balls out of the thing they’ve written and then pushing the delete or move to trash button?

I know that while I did use a typewriter I never actually practiced the ball-making/basket-practicing thing. I always put the text in a folder, no matter how crappy I thought it was. So today in the computer age I never throw a piece of text away – not if I can help it. I keep things. I put them in a folder on the hard drive and imagine that I might have use for it later. I might get back to it.

Perhaps, one day, huh?

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