The Haunting of Doctor Sleep

I liked the idea of Doctor Sleep from the start because my initial thought after the good girl/guy has survived a horror story (or film) is always ‘how do you live after surviving that?’ It’s what I thought after Ripley survived the first alien attack. It’s the question that arose after Dracula has been made to dust, how does Mina cope after having been under his influence? What becomes of Mr. Thurston? What happened to the Freeling family? And what happened to the good people that visited Hill House? And one of the biggest was of course what happened to Dan Torrence?

This book had hauntings of its own right from the start I bet. Because we have a certain man in our heads when we think of The Shining. This ghost is Jack Nicholson and no matter how much Mr. King might wish that haunting away he is still lurking between the pages, he stands there .. grinning.

And it’s good.

The book starts off where the first one ended and you get to actually know what happened to the little kid. It’s not pretty and I didn’t expect it to be. And as if the ghosts of the Overlook hotel aren’t enough there is a new evil in town. And another kid to be saved (or to save the day).

This is the sequel to the book (and not the movie!), The Shining and I must say I enjoyed Doctor Sleep more than The Shining (although I might have to revisit the book, it’s been a while). King knows how to engulf you in people’s lives and in the end it’s not just about the ghosts that haunt but about the darkness inside (especially if you survived your crazed father as a kid).

I especially like the way Dan survives this time around and I like the image I now have (inevitably) of Mr. Nicholson in my head. Not with the crazed here’s-johnny face but something completely different.

Of course the question remains: What happens to Abra after all this?
I’m very glad I got to learn what happened to Dan though.

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