Pre-View of Ship of Theseus by V.M. Straka by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

Yesterday was a workday for me. I spent my hours at a small library and I wrote. When I got home I had a shipment in the mail to get at the local post office/grocery store. I was a little surprised because I thought the package I had ordered would have fit in my mailbox but off I went to get the thing.

And it was indeed an amazon package albeit a bit heavier than I was expecting.

When I got home J and A were playing on the floor, puzzling the number/alphabet elephant. I just got a Hi and a glance. I put the package on the kitchen table and ripped it open.

And out fell this odd looking book.

“I didn’t order this” I said and pulled it out of it’s cover. (The cover seal was already open!) “How on earth could they have got my order THIS wrong?” I was baffled. That’s when I noticed.

“This book looks OLD too!” I exclaimed.

J cleared his throat and said “I may have order that for you”.

I opened the book and what an amazing thing.
It was filled with scribble and notes and postcards and telegraphs and other things that can fall out from different places. Turns out it tells at least three stories. First the text itself, the story of Ship of Theseus, then there is the story of the author V.M. Straka (which is told in the prologue and possibly on the margins) and then there is the story of the two people examining the story and exchanging notes in the margins.

What an incredible book. Despite already actively reading TWO books (Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and The Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer) I couldn’t help starting right away. I’ve so far just read the prologue, with side notes but what an incredible adventure this book is. It physically SMELLS like an old book. It looks like a library book in every way with stamps and everything and the handwritings on the side margins look like someone (at least two different styles) actually has written there with a pen.

It is an experience a kindle book can certainly not give you. A story that isn’t only told with words on the page but with the whole look and feel of the book. You read this book with more than just your eyes, you read it with your fingers and with your nose too.

When  I woke up this Saturday morning and saw Ship of Theseus sitting on my nightstand I got this feeling all over my body.

I can’t wait to read it!
I love this feeling.

booktheseusp.s. The title of the book is “S”.


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