Books vs Ebooks

I’ve been a fan of my kindle since I bought it.
It’s practical. I have all the books I’m writing on it. It’s easy to grab when you’re going somewhere and I can always read the book that I’m in the mood for – anywhere. The limits of the kindle are that I need to buy the book from amazon but as I tend to read mostly books in English this hasn’t been a problem. I “read” my Swedish books instead via Storytel – which is an audiobook site.

So I’ve been happy. I rarely miss the feel of a book in my hand. And I have saved some money as I don’t tend to get sucked into bookstores anymore. Plus – I am not piling up books that I wanted to read but really don’t want to have in my bookshelves and therefore just end up in a box in the storage.


And now comes the but…

I like to read in the dark. And therefore I either need a nightlight or I use my phone/ipad to read on.

It’s not a problem. I don’t mind reading from my iphone. It’s handy and I certainly always have that with me so I always have my books…

but I have a three year old girl. And it occurred to me that although I read a lot of “real” books with her she doesn’t see me read at all.

Because I usually just have the iphone in hand – and I often have that for other things. She certainly doesn’t connect iphone/ipad with reading. She connects that with other sort of playing.

And I don’t like the thought of her never seeing me read. I think it relays the wrong image about me as a person and about the act of reading.

So I can do two things..

I can start buying and reading real books again. Or I can make an effort to always use my kindle (it often just sits there in the windowsill nowadays) and make sure she connects that with reading.

A book gadget isn’t a hard concept for a three year old.But there is that thing with light… I guess either way I need to get myself a good nightlight.

I just bought two new books on amazon. Real books.
Instead of buying them on kindle.

I won’t abandon my kindle. I won’t even abandon it on my iphone/ipad of that I am sure but I do think it’s important to relay the art/act of reading to my daughter and that includes her seeing me read real books.

It also annoys me that my kindle automatically jumps to the first chapter in the book. I don’t like that. Sometimes it even jumps over the prologue. I like opening my book. Seeing the first pages before I get to the real text.

There might be a setting but …

I need to connect with real books for a while.

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  1. dakegra says:

    That’s an excellent point, and one which I hadn’t really considered. I grew up watching my dad with his nose in a book. He had a pile of them on his bedside table, and next to his chair in the lounge. Even his office at work had a small bookshelf with some of his beloved pulp sci-fi nestling in amongst the work-related books.

    I’m sure I picked up my love of reading from him. I’ve started reading more in the evenings now rather than plonk down in front of the tv or computer. Both kids have groaning bookshelves, and I love finding them on the odd occasion curled up with a book. I’ll follow your lead and start actively reading when they’re around.


    1. Eygló Daða says:

      I think it’s important. Set an example and all. Also I think there should be a certain difference between the technological gadgets and books. Parents often ignore their kids while looking at their phone or have their nose in a computer or something. And it’s impossible for them to distinguish what we are doing other than not paying attention to what they are doing and saying. And while the “ignoring” part is a whole different story – I’d like there to be a difference in the way she sees me when I’m reading a book and when I’m playing wordfeud or looking at twitter…. or whatever.


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