I have to tell you about this book … A Matter Of Blood

I can’t believe I didn’t buy it in that little Icelandic bookstore back in 2011. I saw it sitting on the shelf there and I thought “Oh I want it” but I refrained because it was a big pocket and I already had a heap of books to drag with me back home to Sweden.

Icelanders have good taste in books, they know their books – which is why I stumbled on it there the one time I was in a bookstore during my short visit but haven’t seen it once on my prowls through Swedish bookstores. Sweden – get your act together!

The book is A Matter of Blood by writer and twitter goddess Sarah Pinborough.

I picked the book up after reading an interview with her somewhere on the web. It reminded me that the book had been on my “To-Read List” for too long now.

And I don’t regret it. After being in a reading slump this book certainly cured me. I have been picked up a book after book which I read a few chapters of and sometimes half of it and then it just waits for me on that virtual nightstand of mine.

This book I couldn’t put down however. It captured me from the start with its dark atmosphere, good characters and setting that you feel like you’ve lived in yourself despite being borderline science-fiction. And a hint of supernatural to top the puzzle just made it all the more exciting. I loved the hint of science-fiction – it was just what a good crime novel like this needed.  What a refreshing read after reading too many crimson crime novels that are too down to earth for my taste. More of this please!

So if I am not the last person to pick up this book then here is my attempt to convince you. Buy A Matter of Blood and read it. It’s a great story, it keeps you on your toes, on the edge of your seat. It’s everything a good crime story should be and OH so much more.

So shoo – go read.
I’m off to buy and read the second book of The Dog-Faced Gods trilogy.

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  1. kip says:

    sounds like a clever story that has different styles to suit different tastes!


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