Moving House

I haven’t written much here lately. Mostly because I haven’t been writing much at all.
It’s a shame really. But I have an excuse.

Is it a good one? Well according to writers who make the big bucks no excuse is a good excuse. But I’ve been moving.

It wasn’t an ordinary move either. We started the preparations in the summer. We did a few thing with the apartment and then put it up for sale. It sold faster than we anticipated and we were out in a blink of an eye.

As in-between-places go ours was extraordinary. It was a summer hideout really but heated, by the sea and with all the equipment you need to survive with a toddler (more or less). The “by the sea” part was wonderful. A and I went to the ocean in the afternoons and played for a while. I took a few photos there  too.

This was before it started snowing, before the temperatures sank below zero.

It was hard, none the less. Change of scenario isn’t popular with three year olds but  A took it relatively well. It was a bit of a drive to town so we didn’t visit our usual stomping grounds as often as we used to but we tried keeping our routine as intact as possible. And then we had to run around to look at  houses all the time.

Let me tell you something…. it’s exhausting.
We must have seen at least 40 houses before we found THE One.
When we did find it of course we had to wait for it. And that’s not easy either.
Living  was put on halt.

Still – it’s one of those things you are very grateful you did, even though you didn’t realize how hard it would be getting into it. Some experiences are like that.

And I loved living by the sea for a while. I wouldn’t want to live there during the summer when the tourists haunt the place like ghosts in a Stephen King novel but it was really nice spending time there. Letting A lead the way and explore the beach and the area near the beach. Then walking back to the cabin with A half asleep in the stroller.

The neighborhood was really special and with the eye of a writer along with an eye you develop when you start looking at houses too much I ransacked the neighborhood. Small eerie summer cottages along with giant villa’s who cost an arm, a leg and then some. I especially liked one that looked like something from a Greek island. It was very white and special. There’s a story in there somewhere.

I liked our time by the beach.

But I love being back in “normal”. Although it will be a while before it feels normal it is HOME. I even visited the local library yesterday. I got myself a library card and checked a few books out. I also walked a bit in a nearby forest which has running tracks. There is so much to explore here nearby, so much to do. So much to photograph.

And tomorrow is the last day of the year. It’s the day when I try to look back at the year that is going and try to look forward to see what lies a head, to see what I want to lie a head.

But today I just want to enjoy the fact that I am home. And that I no longer have the hiccups from the day we moved house. Hiccups you ask? Well they say that you get hiccups from other people’s evil thoughts about you.

And I have a lot of books.

And soon I’ll have unpacked at least some of them.

But let me first just enjoy the fact that I am HOME.

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