In the Woods

I’ve been reading a little (metaphorically and not physically) children’s book about three friends who live in a forest and control the weather and the seasons. Then the trees decide to go on a vacation and walk on their little legs to an island somewhere. The three friends (one of the friends tells the story) miss the trees and a couple of small trees who got afraid of something (my little girl calls it Trolls but they are supposed to be some kind of large straws) and ran away. The friends do some minor chores and then one of them screams to the wind that she wants the trees to come back, that they have done their job.

Then the trees come back and winter arrives and they suddenly don’t seem to control the weather or the season and the trees tell them of the little island and the vacation they went on and the little trees come back whispering that they had been afraid. And there it ends.

It’s a stunning little book. Simple and yet so complex. And the text is so poetic. It’s in Swedish and it’s called “I skogen” and it’s written by Eva Lindstrom. It makes me want to write children’s fiction but I can’t draw. Beside it’s a huge project. It’s not easy writing children’s books, you might think that because of their simplicity but it isn’t… I’d like to try though. But I can’t draw. So I’ll have to find someone to team up with…

I have a million projects… but this one might be possible right here and right now…
I’ll have to put my thinking cab on…

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