Catching the Moment

Staring at the blank screen.

“No time” I tell myself.
But there is always time. Somewhere you can always take a moment or two.
The moments are precious though. Sometimes you need the empty moments to recuperate. To charge the batteries with something silly.

And sometimes a wonderful day with a two year old just leaves you wordless, tired and in more need of twenty minutes in front of The Big Bang Theory than in front of that cursor. You know the one…

…the one that blinks.

Then at night when I go to sleep I have visions. In the park I have ideas. I’m full of good ideas.
Some of which get registered. Others only get registered in my mind. And some die a quiet death.

Today at the library I got a welcome and unexpected inspiration in the form of a book by Gyrðir Elíasson. I read the first short story while making dinner and got the urge to sit down in front of the cursor.

The idea behind the story was great. A man goes to IKEA in Iceland with his wife and sees August Strindberg. The title of the story is Inferno. Brilliant. Well written.

(And it made me realize something about August Strindberg I should have known before but didn’t… afterwards the world makes a little more sense…!)

So I bought Scrivener (something I’ve been meaning to do since I tested it but figured it could wait until I “got the time to write”.) and I intend to catch the moments – five minutes here. Half an hour there.

Two hours here.

The moon is blinking at me. Taking notes, I’m sure. He’ll poke me if I don’t keep my promise.

Now the question is:
Where do I start?

One Comment Add yours

  1. kip says:

    I know the feeling…the moments seem to make an appearance abruptly, usually amongst the hustle & bustle of everyday living…

    I find that if I do not capture something the moment it appears, then it disappears…(now, I must record or write or even “sing” what swirls inside my head right then and there or risk losing it forever);

    I wish you luck during “your” moments…K.


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