My iPhone

I got an iPhone last month. The dot over the Macintosh i. The apple of the Mac’s eye. Ok I’ll stop now. But I’m not a mac-er. I’m hardcore Windows. The Mac OS drives me insane generally.

However I got an itch when my significant other got an iPhone 4. An apparatus that allows me to have all my Internet needs (94% anyway) in one movable thing. It’s a kind of magic, right?

It is. I can listen to audiobooks (storytel) while I tweet, play silly games (godville, sims 3 or sim city?), write silly blog entries or browse the news. On top of that I can easily keep track of my sleeping habits, budget and PMS!

A kind of magic.

What Apple has done is made a small computer with phoning privileges. What the thing is lacking though is what the companies that have actually been making phones for decades have down.

One of those things is the easy aspect of handling your calls. As far as I can tell there is no way to make a list of callers you’d like to let through when you’re not in the mood for salesmen or other prank callers. As far as I can tell Apple claims to have invented the video calls (I’ve had the thing in my phones for years albeit never used it- still not convinced apple will get that ball rolling) but forgotten to ‘invent’ all the other fine tuning the other phone companies have in their simplest phones.

They have made a basic OS and then rely on others to make the fine adjustments and to invent the apps that make this device so great. Some things the developers can’t access though. Meaning that when you download a more complex camera album app you get your images copied, wasting precious space because third party doesn’t have the access to the camera roll. I understand it’s good to limit the access but sometimes that is on the expense of the usability.

I’m sure there are more examples than the camera roll and the calling/contacts options too but so far nothing that has bugged me.

I do love my iPhone and wouldn’t dream of having any of the other smart phone droids as replacement. I love browsing the app store for new ways to use my phone and for new camera/photo apps. I love having audiobooks, music, Internet, camera, phone and everything else in one ACCESSIBLE place!

And I love being able to write an entry like this while chasing my almost 14 month old girl around the house! Not to mention that the baby games and shows (YouTube). I wouldn’t change to another phone for the world.

Not today – who knows what happens when Microsoft decides to play this game for real! 😉


P.S. I must add that I was impressed with the wordbook options in the phone. I have 3 languages installed (English, Swedish and Icelandic) and it corrects two of the languages – even recognizes a word I’ve written after changing between dictionaries mid-word. That is impressive – believe me. Windows does NOT do that!

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  1. Trisha says:

    Oooh you posted! 😀 hi. 🙂


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