Review: Final Fantasy XIII

*Deep Breath*

I can’t believe I’m doing this. But it’s something that I need to do.

Let me just first tell you this:
I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy VIII was the first game that I really, truly liked playing. The first game I stuck to and was good at (I’d stuck to games before but I sucked at them). And Final Fantasy X and X-2? I would file those games under “religious believes” if there was any point in doing so.

So even though Final Fantasy XII wasn’t a huge thrill I was still very excited to hear about the first Final Fantasy game being released for the PS3. I waited for it. I even bought the big, stupid collectors edition of it.

And I’ve spent hours, precious hours, hours I could have spent cooing with my daughter, reading or playing something else, anything else.

Can you tell this is not going to be a rave? There is nothing worse than a woman scorned.

What a load of horses patoot. When I started playing I was so optimistic. Because usually even the “not so great” Final Fantasy games have been very much worth playing because of the fantastic world you get to explore, the scenarios and the colorful surroundings have been enough. A good battle system and a challenging, varied game were just big pluses.

Final Fantasy XIII did so not deliver. You start of getting a bit annoyed when you realize the limits in the battle system, the fact that you have little control over the other characters and that changing “leaders” (the character you do have control over)  is a hassle rather than a joy.

I can live with that. I shrug my shoulders and move on.

And after an hour or so I was still optimistic, Final Fantasy XIII started of well. It had potentials. Sure, there were just corridors after corridors cut up with short video clips of good quality but it still had potential.

But it never seemed to end. Corridor after corridor, drab surroundings, boring fights that never seemed to end – even the fights that were just run & go seemed too long and boring. Slight change in scenarios here and there but no freedom of movement and nothing but fight after fight… nothing else. No silly puzzles. No nothing.

And it never ended.

Until I came to the great outdoors. I believe I exclaimed “AHhh finally it begins” when I got there and saw the giant dinosaurs roaming around on the brought, wide field. I truly thought that now the fun would start.

And then I was suddenly there again. In corridors. With no choice but to move forward and all I wanted was to go back to that place that I felt I had (not by choice) skipped over. And all I was faced with was more boring fights, longer this time – and a corridor after corridor, never ending.

The fights are boring. The easy ones take too long. Leveling (which has always been fun in Final Fantasy) is so boring you sigh when you realize you have to do it. And there is no freedom of movement.

I haven’t finished (I’m nearly there though). I don’t know if I will. I guess some day I will. I realize that when/if I do I might get to go back to that bit of the game that seemed to have a HINT of what the Final Fantasy is all about.

I realize that I might have missed it, somehow skipped the best part but that should not be possible, none of Final Fantasy should feel/be this crappy! Where is the joy? Where is the FUN? Where is the color?

I don’t know how this could have happened. A game that has always been varied, fun and surprising has suddenly become more boring than watching Tennis or GOLF on TV.

I fear that while trying to meat the Western market (the game is Japanese and should remain so, heart AND soul) they lost what was fantastic about Final Fantasy. XIII certainly doesn’t have what the other games have had, even XII!

Final Fantasy XIII is a waste of money. But mostly a waste of time! The characters are mediocre and rather boring, most of the scenario bored me to tears and the fighting system (which is all this game has to offer because there is nothing else!) is shit.

I was hoping for something spectacular. Final Fantasy has always been the Playstation flagship and now that there is a new console I was hoping for something big. I even dared to hope that this game would be ground breaking, instead I now hardly dare to hope that Final Fantasy will recover.

I surely won’t be buying the next game unless reliable people tell me that the game will be worth it.

So even you die hard Final Fantasy fan, if you haven’t been disappointed by this game already keep your money, don’t waste your time. Play something else… play VII or VIII again. Play the new version of Monkey Island, it’s fun, or just play with your kids/parents. This game is NOT worth your effort.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Luke McCarty says:

    It was WELL worth my time, effort and money! ;P

    I loved the game. The Battle system was awesome (and what you say about it is so untrue that I’m starting too think you hadn’t even played the game). The story and characters were amazing, the visuals were magnificent. And I’m not allergic to a bit of linearity.

    So you can go on hating it, but me and then other 6.5 MILLION people that haven’t returned it are eagerly awaiting its sequel 😀


    1. Eygló Daða says:

      I’m glad somebody liked it! I tried to re-play it but haven’t had the time to do it properly.
      I can add though that I am awaiting the sequel and hope it’ll be much better.


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