Finally! Under the Dome

I believe I pre-ordered Under the Dome by Stephen King. It was shipped on the 9th of November 2009 and must have arrived 3-6 days later. I could look it up, as I surely have the date of arrival recorded somewhere, but what would be the point of that? Because here I have the Dome in my hands, 6 months later, finally finished.

And it’s been quite a journey, an epic one at that, one that only Mr. King can provide. I’ve followed Jr Rennie on his dates with his girlfriends, I was there when Barbie got sent to prison and the journal burned down, I was with the kids when they found the purple light and I was there when all hell broke loose.

So why did it take me all this time? Of course I could come up with excuses of pre-eclampsia, childbirth and the aftermath taking care of a newborn but there is really only one thing that kept me from it.

It’s a dome. It’s a brick! It literally weighed me down. First I couldn’t balance it on my growing stomach and then I had problems with balancing it while breast feeding or doing other things that require me to sit still and hold a baby. It’s only lately that I’ve had the time and the strength to hold this book up, literally.

So was it worth it? You betcha. I am not going to tell you it’s one of King’s books I like the most. As with The Stand I liked it very much but it’s not up there in the top 10. I did love this epic journey though and after all this time it felt rather sad to come to an end, to see the Dome disappear and vanish into my bookshelf.

And the monsters behind the door? Oh Mr. King I so wanted to get to know them a little better! Perhaps next time… huh?

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