A site for all sites…

I need an internet site that keeps track of all my other internet sites.

I’m on flickr, tumblr, facebook, twitter, posterous, blip.fm, blipfoto.com, last.fm, ljod.is, poeter.se, wordpress, blogspot, livejournal (I don’t carry this many journals but use them for different things – often just to keep tracks of other ppl or groups), formspring.me, stumbleuponnetvibes, editred, Librarything.com, goodreads, gmail/documents and god knows what else I’m forgetting.

I realize I could restrict myself. Not test the new sites that my friends and acquaintances tell me I just *have to* try but I like new things and the Internet is constantly filled with new stuff to check and try out. I just wish I’d be able to keep track of it all somehow. Ideally it would be a good start page – it would keep track of all my sites and I could go there to start surfing through my sites. And I would never forget about a place because it would all be there for me to go through when I feel the urge. As it is my name is surely on sites that I have no memory of at all…

so – if you’re an Internet guru or know one go do this… I’ll be waiting.
And if you’ve found such a site and I just haven’t stumbled upon it… please let me know!
(And if you have a fun site to recommend to me…. I’m all ears…;))

Oh and feel free to add me…

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