The Book Year That Was

The new year arrived in blissful peace with some good news (which I’ll share later). The New Year froze well together with the old one and the brightest light in the sky was the blue moon in the sky decorated with the yellow, red, blue, purple, white and pink lights people sent up to the skies to celebrate what has been and what will be.

I can admit that I spent much of the last minutes of the last year trying to zip up my coat. I succeeded in the end and looked like a black potato when the year 2010 rolled in.

Last year was not a good reading year for me. Normally I’m somewhere right below the 100 books barrier but this year I’m hardly up to 50. I re-read a lot of books this year (and re-reads don’t count) and since I haven’t been running I haven’t been listening to as many audiobooks as before.

But quantity isn’t always quality and I think I discovered some good books this year. (Mind you I’m not talking of books published in the year just the books I chose to pick up!)

Through Twitter I discovered the marvel of Michael Marshall Smith’s books. What You Make It is one of the best short story collections I think I’ve ever read. I also discovered The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski and although there were some irritation moments about it annoying enough to not grant it the book of the year for me I liked it for its well written slow pace and it’s outstanding character descriptions.

Through Twitter I also discovered the lovely Sarah Pinborough and was reading The Breeding Ground when I discovered I was pregnant. A fact that hasn’t stopped amusing me. I will certainly return to her books as they seem impossible to put down after you’ve started reading.

In the early days of the year (when life was still like it had been before) I ventured into the dreamlike world of Charles de Lint in a book called Memory and Dream which was very memorable. And I read The Gone-Away World by the talented Mr. Harkaway. A book that lovers of apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic novels should not let pass them by (and you who don’t normally like post-apocalyptic novels should also give it a try, it’s well written and different)!

This summer I discovered a writer named Anna Gavalda. Her collection of short stories I wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere is immensely powerful. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is another book that’s hard to miss in a recap like this. A well written, well thought-out love story.

Then there is Stephen King. I still haven’t finished Under The Dome but I am enjoying it immensely and savoring every word (hence reading a lot of other stuff so that I will never run out of King). In the previous years I’ve read almost all of his books (there always seems to be one more that I’ve missed though). This year I re-read some of his books and I read some of the Bachman books for the first time. The Long Walk was a book that surprised me a lot. The plot summary really doesn’t seem promising but I read the story during my vacation within a few hours and couldn’t put it down until I finished. The man never seizes to amaze me.

When it comes to audiobooks I listened to a lot of books from a site that I return to and am forever grateful for. There are some talented writers publishing their work there for free and they have all my respect and admiration for the work they put in.

I don’t expect the next year to be better when it comes to quantity in the books I read as time will be scarce but I hope the quality of the books I decide to read will be as good or better. So far it is promising, besides the King-Dome I’m reading Loop by Koji Suzuki (a book that has me confused but I enjoy) and The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (a book I’m enjoying very much!).

I wish you a really fantastic new book year in 2010! It looks promising, very promising indeed.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex Russell says:

    I read The Long Walk back when I had no idea that Bachman was King and it melted my 13-year-old mind. :o)


    1. Eygló Daða says:

      I can very well imagine! I found the book strangely captivating although I’m a bit older! 🙂


  2. Mae says:

    There are many books here I haven’t heard of! This sounds like a really eclectic mix. I’ve been meaning to read The Gargoyle for awhile now and I’ve never read any Stephen King!


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