The Exercises

I posted a short story the day before yesterday. It was about 1300 words, written in one day and posted the same day. It was the first exercise of what I hope to be many.

A while ago I participated in a short story competition which required the entries to be short stories of 2000 words or less. I wrote a few of these stories and put one in the competition last April. It got short listed, which made me happy. The format also taught me a thing or two about writing. It’s really challenging to write such short stories. It’s both rewarding and fun to write them and you learn a thing or two.

My mission:

These stories I’m writing now are not just 2000 words or less but formed in a certain format. I’m going to be writing stories that a) feel (to me at least) almost allegorical, b) I will start with a single feeling and write from it and c) I will be keeping a certain flare of the carnival in the stories which will make them surreal or at least somewhat unreal.

Or that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish. I’ll be posting them as I write them. Hoping that one story will take only one day from idea to final draft (I’d hate to call them finished in such a short time). That will not always be possible of course but I’m going to try my best with the time limit, the important thing is to get the stories written and to learn something along the way.

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