Why #FavoritesFriday Is A Good Idea

This is a Twitter Entry (I wanted to write Twentry but didn’t because  a) People would just snicker and go away and b) those who need this particular message would perhaps not get it)!

This morning I noticed @AngPang’s pitch on the #FollowFriday thing and today I’ve been pondering it. It’s a great idea. I’ve not exactly dreaded the  #FollowFriday thing but have often wondered if I’m forgetting someone or if I’m over doing it, should I be giving this person a #followfriday and not that one. It’s not a life crisis exactly but a small twitch sometimes.

What I like about @AngPang‘s idea is this:
a) Those who are interested will go and see who you have recommended
b) You get a clear notion (although perhaps a short one, but that’s twitter for you) of why the person got the recommendation
c) You aren’t cluttering the feed with the endless suggestions.
d) It’s always accessible, it doesn’t have to be a Friday only thing. You find people when you want to.

There are two downsides:
a) The @name isn’t in the twitter feed and therefore not as accessible
b) The person who gets the recommendation might not have an idea (but that isn’t the point now is it?!;))

I hardly ever click on and follow someone because they have been one of a gazillion names in someone’s #FollowFriday suggestions. I am more prone to do it if there is a small pitch of why to follow the person but with a tweet to support it you have what you need and you can do it when you want to. You don’t have to be staring at the twitter feed when the suggestions come, it’s always accessible.

What I do think is that it needs a shorter hashtag than #favoritesfriday – but that’s another story. Perhaps #FavFriday? Anyway … go tweet!

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