Back to Reality


Back to reality and we’re bombarded with news of the swine flu, Sri Lanka lays down it’s arms, robot attacks (in Bålsta, news in Swedish) and the new Government of Iceland (click this link!).

Another day at the office we might say.

After yet another sleepless night I feel a bit disjointed. The neighbors seem to think that every night is party night and that if they’re partying everyone else is too. When they finally stopped (after some screaming and sobbing to go with the hip hopping) it was my head that kept me awake. And today it Monday, it’s laundry day (see my entry on the laundry room for details!), grocery shopping day, first day of editing and I should have gone out for a run this morning (I didn’t). To top it all off I can’t seem to get rid of the damned salmon smell that’s plaguing me and the entire apartment.

I wouldn’t mind going back to the country where all I did was write and watch roe deer running across the lawn. It’s a closed world, were you hardly even bother to browse into the news sites, there is a television but it’s small (every TV is small for me nowadays as I have a 50′ at home) and old and you only watch it if you know there’s something really special on – but since you never check the tableau you never know…

Still, in some masochistic way I’m glad to be back home, glad to be having a regular Monday, where my computer has lost it’s B’s (I’m hammering people!) and we finally have a gay woman in charge of a country. And despite the fact that I had no coin for a cart this morning, didn’t run and am constantly urning a chocolate scented candle to get rid of the salmon smell I have the feeling it’s a good day. I have the feeling it’s going to be a good week.

If only I survive the Laundry room.
So now let the editing begin!

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