Will or Will Not


I’m sitting in a cabin where you have a nice view over a small lake, a crackling sound emanating from the fireplace, birds chirping outside but otherwise there is absolutely silence. There is no sound of cars buzzing, people shouting or neighbors playing loud music. I spend my time in front of the computer working but still find time to take a little trip to the nearby village where I take photos, buy groceries and discover new locations.

Yesterday I saw a moose.

It’s easy being philosophical after the sun has gone down and the stars are out. You have taken a sauna, had a glass of red with the delicious pasta and suddenly you find yourself discussing Salvador Dali, Schrödinger’s Cat (with side topic of how he might or might not be related to The Lord, Ruler of the Universes’ cat in Hitchhikes Guide to the Galaxy) and vectors. The topics change fast and before you know it it’s completely dark and time for bed.

And the birds are insistent at 7 in the morning, the first fly of the season is of course insistently buzzing in your ear and although you feel it in your bones that its too early you go up anyway. Still, the mornings are the best time to get some work done, and to show some enthusiasm you jump to your feet, go out into the cold living room and make some coffee. You put on your favorite fleece and glance over the lake, wondering if Cthulhu’s cousin lives at the bottom and if the island in the middle is really his hunchback. Then you realize that working is a bad idea. You should be out walking, running or taking photographs.

It’s almost 8 o’clock now and I am still (have been for days) resisting the temptation to write about the Pirate Bay trial and the culture our politicians are trying to destroy through the EU parliament. I am not going to mention the word “jäv” (that the judge was compromised) and I’m not going to mention the political Pirate Party that will surely be voted for in the EU parliament because of all this. I will not mention how I feel many, like myself, will be compelled to vote for them – even if we don’t believe in everything they say about copyright – because no other political party seems to get the gravity of the situation.

I will not discuss the matter because the sun is shining brightly outside my window, you can see a nice mirror image of the trees and houses on the other side reflecting in the still lake and a small deer just ran over the yard and into the bushes.

So instead of writing about these things I will either force myself on an 8K run or I will sit down with Zafón and read for a while or until I think it’s not actually too early to do some work.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. Elías says:

    What about the Vectors?


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