Spring Sensations

The Lake

Spring is such a fitting name for this season, not only because things tend to grow and awaken but because Spring tends to leap out at me every year, kind of like a flasher from the bushes. And springs leap surprises me every time, but that’s where the likeness with the flasher ends because while I imagine that to be an unpleasant experience this spring thing isn’t half bad.

It revitalizes me. After taking a short break (Short?! Three weeks isn’t short!) from all exercises after my cold and my fainting spell (there is nothing wrong with me – all the tests have been done – I just need to learn to live a little slowly – a lesson that’s hard for me) I decided to buy a Pedometer and go out running instead of climbing up on the treadmill all the time. Last tuesday was the first time. I listened to Brian Holtz read his Nephilim Push and I ran. I chose a path I know with minimum exposure to traffic and red lights. After a few of those I was in the park, passing a group of at least ten moms with their strollers – all doing push ups, passing the ducks and a group of children searching for clues their teachers had placed in the park. I passed a dog and his man and a sceptic Goose, who looked at me like I was a mad woman.

Then I came to the library and I noticed the colorful playground and the shadows the trees made by the pond and I wished I had my camera. (The picture above and other pictures are a result of that moment although the actual photographing came later.)

So the on Wednesday I ran with my camera phone in my pocket and I stopped and took a few picutres. The sun was shining and although there was still a cold breeze in the air I felt a rush of spring which made me leap (which is great when you’re running!). I still can’t go as fast as I could before I got the cold but at least I’m at it again and now enjoying it thoroughly. Pildammsparken is a beautiful place in the springtime, especially when the birds aren’t crapping on you (which has been known to happen).

In other news I’ve been reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s new book which will be called Angel’s Game in English.  Four chapters into the story (I’m reading it in Swedish) I’m amazed at the fact that Zafón constantly makes me laugh because although Shadow of the Wind was an excellent book it was by no means funny. The humor in Angel’s Game is sly and it catches me off guard every time (so far anyway). This book isn’t a let down yet and I am sure it won’t be. You should definitely check it out when it comes out! Zafón has to be one of the greatest writers active today! And what better to do on a springtime afternoon when you have an hour or two than listen to good music and read a good book?

And to change topics once more: The other day I sent a short story into a competition. I’ve never done this before. I wrote the story especially for the competition. It was supposed to be under 2000 words and that’s a challenge. I won’t know anything until next month. So wish me luck, I’ll need it.

And now, back to work.

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