Review Nocturnal by Scott Sigler and Podiobooks.

I’ve been listening to Scott Sigler perform Nocturnal.

(With little or no spoilers.)

I stumbled upon the podiobooks site through iTunes and was thrilled. They publish books in audio format under the creative lisence. And it’s free! (Now there’s a word for sore eyes while everyone is speaking of financial crisis and whatnot). Although you can donate in a books name and the author will get a big chunk of it, a bigger part of the sum goes to the author than it normally would when you buy a book in the store I imagine.  It’s a wonderful way to support the authors and it’s a wonderful place to go to for those of us who are starved for words but are somewhat financially challenged. It is also a way to find authors you otherwise might not have heard of.

After listening to Nocturnal I have promised myself to donate although I haven’t as of yet.

Nocturnal is set in San Fransisco. It’s about two police officers Brian and Pookie (sp?) who stumble upon a strange case that involves evolved beings, conspiracies, dread and horror. What first captured my attention was the astounding performance of Scott Sigler. He doesn’t just read the book (we’re used to audiobooks being simply read), he performs the work. It should be categorized somewhere between the old theater plays I (we?) used to listen to as children and the audiobooks we’ve been listening to lately. And his performance is astoundingly good. Theatrical without becoming bothersome or too extravagant. He reads/performs with a flare for drama and it fits the books nicely.

For a horror addict like myself the story is interesting. I got caught up in the complicated plot and I became disgruntled over the over-powerful-teen-King and sad about other things. Sigler’s writing is violent, explicit and quite colorful, he writes the action scenes the way John Woo would direct them. The violence isn’t what I fell for though but the general idea behind the book. It’s based on a good idea and I found it compelling. I also found the characters believable and well thought out (he didn’t fall into the stereotype pit and in this kind of writing that’s a danger). I frowned a little over the main characters nick name at first but forgave it all when the nickname was referred to as silly (or something akin to that).

Despite the book being in the horror genre (which I love) it isn’t the kind of book I’d usually pick up which brings me right back to the podiobook service which introduced me to this author. If you like strange action (crime) horror stories this is definitely an author for you. I, for one, will read/listen to more of his writing. And I applaud this. The work that goes into a book like this must be immense. Not only does he write the stuff but he reads/performs it as well. And if audio isn’t for you then just buy the written words.

I buy books when I can. I wish I had spent more money on audiobooks in the past as it fits me perfectly to listen to a story being told at night when I can’t sleep or while I’m running on the treadmill. And I find it extremely generous that authors like Sigler are actually letting you read them for free while still trying to earn a living on their art. It makes it all the more heartwarming to support them.

Check out Sigler. He is an entertaining author. And check out Podiobooks.

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  1. Evo Terra says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Eygló. Listening to Sigler will keep you busy for a while. But when you’re finished, we have a few hundred other titles for you to check out. 🙂



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