Early Morning

Early Morning Fog

It’s six twenty in the morning and I just drove my significant other to the train station. The fog lies over the city which makes it even lonelier than it would otherwise have been this early in the morning. At the train station we saw a few souls huddling on the stairs in front of the station waiting for a taxi to get them away from there. The only sign of life I saw on that short trip if you don’t count the buses that drove like mad through the city streets.

Now as I sit here writing this the fog takes away the city entirely. I see only the top of the trees outside the house and the gray fog eerily illuminated from the light that is just starting to set in. After seeing a documentary about Fritzl, reading PostSecret and paying my bills I feel a little morbid. But it’s too early for such a feeling. Too early to write too. Too tired to write rather since the neighbors kept us up last night with the delightful base sound that gives the entire house a pulse of its own.

The camera is now on a temporary holiday away from me. I still have my camera phone but it’s not the same so I guess there won’t be many new pictures for a while. Now I’m planing on re-arranging furniture (early as can be to annoy my neighbors? Or just because I’m awake?!). I will take a trip to IKEA and then I’ll try to get some work done.

Good morning people, How is your day going?

(P.S. The picture is taken an hour after I wrote this when the morning had broken and the fog had somewhat subsided. It is taken on my camera phone.)

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  1. Mae says:

    Postsecret always leaves me feeling morbid. It’s pretty depressing, but oddly comforting, when one realises how many people are secretly depressed or carrying heavy burdens out there. Or sleeping with their brother-in-law. Or peeing in someone’s coffee. Or stealing all the toilet paper…

    Gosh, your photography even looks amazing on your phone camera!


    1. Eygló Daða says:

      Thank you! It took a little more effort but it came out alright! 🙂
      I am addicted to postsecret. It may leave me feeling strange at times but it is strangely nice to know that others too have strange lives! 🙂


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