Opportunity Lost

Opportunity Lost

Although it might be the birds who have lost an opportunity to catch some of the breadcrumbs that’s not why I named the picture Opportunity Lost.

This morning when I woke up my cold had gotten worse so there was absolutely no way for me to go to the gym and run like I always do. Instead I dressed warmly and took a long walk. I walked to a park I used to walk to each morning before I joined the gym. It takes about an hour to walk it briskly and it’s a nice place with water, trees and way too many birds.

When I got to this spot the birds were in a frenzy. A man was emptying a bag filled with breadcrumbs and two girls were standing a bit away from him watching. They wore wonderfully colorful, probably home knitted, caps, long pink jackets, green pants and black shoes. They were exactly the same height so I expect they were twins, sisters at the very least, both had two braids sticking out of their caps.

If I had been there a few seconds sooner I would have been able to get a wonderful photo of them with their backs turned to me, watching their father feed the birds and the birds swarming over them. It would have been a fantastic photo.

But I wasn’t there in time. I tried but their father was already on their way towards me and when he saw me with the camera he gave me a strange look and then he walked away with his girls. I could have walked to him and asked for the photo. They would have had the backs to the camera so no one would be recognized but I couldn’t do that, especially not after the look he gave me.

So this picture represents this mornings lost opportunity. If only I had been there a few seconds sooner. Few seconds.

And it made me think … what other opportunities did I loose this morning as I took my morning walk?

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  1. S says:

    (laugh) I totally understand this! People moved from their perfect pose, or an animal suddenly refusing to look my way, or just plain not having a camera when I see something.


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