12:42 Sunday


This morning it looked like one of these winter days when you see hope on the horizon. It was a tranquil, gray day with the promise of spring and sunshine in the air. So I dressed carelessly in sneakers and a light jacket, I took my gloves, my cap and my scarf just in case and then I went walking with my camera.

Malmö was rather quiet although filled with police cars, horses and officers on the prowl. I even spotted police cars from Denmark and wondered if this was a part of some invasion I was unaware of  or if they were still gathering strength to hold off the protesters because of the Davis Cup thing. There are always a few in a crowd that aren’t there because of anything they really believe in but because they just want to cause problems. Why would you otherwise mask yourself?

I didn’t notice any hooligans though and there were no protesters in sight either. The only people who had joined me out in the rain on this colder than it looked Sunday morning were Danes looking for a bargain or a good time (if that’s not too much to ask this early on a Sunday in a Swedish city?).

I walked around and took a few photograph before my shoes gave way to the rain and I gave way to the cold. There are a few things more satisfying than coming home after a cold walk outside but despite the cold and the rain I think it’s safe to say that there is a hint of spring in the air. You may not feel it yet but the flowers blooming in the churchyard surely seem to agree with me.

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